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Laura Ann Stephen

Laura Stephen has over 30 years of experience with the California Political Reform Act and has specialized in preparing federal, state and local campaign and lobby disclosure reports.  Laura is a founding member of the California Political Treasurer’s Association. She has served as treasurer and is currently the Vice President of Legislation, where she recently worked closely with Assembly Member Quirk to pass a bill to eliminate paper filings. She has also worked closely with the Secretary of State’s Online Task Force, where she assisted with the testing and implementation of online disclosures.     

Email: Laura@StephenCompany.com

Kimberly Anne Urbano

Kimberly Urbano has over 20 years of experience in campaign finance.  She is proficient in all areas of the Political Reform Act.  She is a member of the California Political Treasurer's Association.  Her experience, reliability and friendly personality is what keeps her clients happy.  She treats every client with the upmost respect. 


Email: Kimberly@StephenCompany.com

Why Us?

Our business is to help your business be successful.  We are dedicated to our clients.  We work with them to help make their jobs easier.  Our goal is to provide superior service where ever and whenever our clients need it.

What We Do

Political Action Committees

Political Action Committees are organizations that raise funds to make contributions to Federal, State and Local Candidates, Elected Officials, Party Committees and Ballot Measures.

Major Donor Committees

Major Donor Committees are entities that contribute $10,000 or more to any California State or Local committee during a calendar year.


Lobbyist, Lobbyist Employers and Lobbying Firms are required to file quarterly disclosure reports.

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